Software text

Save means save, and that is the widely-accepted term. A solid translation of a simple command.

Could keep, preserve or guard have also been used? Who determines the word? You, the customer, no one else. But how do you determine that? And what do you need to take into account? It does not help if there is another term in the manual than the one used in the software itself. What if the chosen word is too long to fit the keyboard button? All this needs to be taken into account. At Foxiz, we have the answers.

Foxiz understands better than anyone the importance of correct content and that's why we expect our translators to think along, provide options, ask questions and not simply select a term from Google or a dictionary. Working together to achieve quality, together with the right specialists.

Foxiz makes software text understandable

Be clever

Wisdom is better than strength... is a saying that holds true for us as well. We're not a huge team, but the range of options we offer is endless. Combine a secure, carefully-assembled network with the right tooling and technology and you have a valuable mix of quality, price and service.

At Foxiz, the client pays only for the product or service delivered. We charge no fee on top of the word rate for project management if project management is not required. That may sound logical, but that is certainly not the case all the time.

Foxiz works with an advanced system whereby our clients, quickly and conveniently, can post, monitor the status of and, once completed, receive assignments.


Naturally we make use of experienced specialists, selected because of their skill set in their chosen specialism. Combined with customer-specific translation memories and terminology lists, we have developed a robust foundation for delivering high-quality translations. The project leader supervises content, spelling and design before the final product is delivered.